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Xenoblade Chronicles X – Wii U Brand New For $19.71

Wow, what a crazy and pleasant surprise this was. Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming out soon for the Wii-U and since I am a big RPG fan I pre-ordered it from Amazon. Now the original price is about $74.99 Canadian which is pretty expensive any way you look at it. However, I originally pre-ordered three games to get to get a 30% discount on each game.

I was interested in finding out what the exact shipping date was going to be and so I logged into my account. To my surprise, I saw that the game was listed as $19.71. Holy cow! Now that is some savings! My assumption on what happened is that I believe Amazon has a price protection policy where if the retail price of the pre-ordered item ever drops you can rest assured that you will get it at that lower price. It wouldn’t make sense if they still charged you like $70 for the game that ended up being $50 as an example.


Therefore, for some reason the price must have dropped to $19.71 during this time and so I get to buy it at that price! I have often read articles that pre-ordering games is a dumb idea. Well, if it means savings like this maybe you should! For everyone else that was wondering too, according to Amazon the ship date of this game is estimated to take place at around December 11th to 18th of this year.

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