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Watching The Nintendo Switch Unveiling

We all finally got to see what the new Nintendo system is all about. As you can see the official name of the system is the Nintendo Switch. At first I was a little concerned that it looked like the Wii-U except with an upgrade. But as I watched the trailer I thought it was really cool to see that this system can essentially be the new handheld and home gaming console. I guess this means people can finally have a mainline Pokémon game launch on a console huh?

While not too much is known, one thing that kind of caught my attention with the detachable side controllers, apparently called the Joy-Con, is how you can see a person playing a single player game with both of them. At the same time, there are parts where you see two people each sharing the two controllers the while they played a basketball game.


If I am not mistaken, this could mean you can play two player games fairly easily on the go without the need to carry two traditional controllers as these Joy Cons are like a Wiimotes in many ways. That is kind of neat I thought if people want to play like Zelda on the go they could. Then if there is a friend nearby who wants to play like Mario Kart together then you can easily turn that one controller into two if what I am thinking is correct.

The biggest question for me at this point is the price. I have heard people say it could go for around $400 too. While I would normally think that is super expensive for a console, if it is really as good as it is portrayed to be then honestly the price would have been no different from me purchasing like a home console plus a portable system. But we`ll have to wait and see as more news comes in.

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