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Versatility of The DJI Mavic or The Value of GoPro Karma

So I think I finally decided upon the two camera drones that I will need to make a decision of getting. I was interested in the Phantom 4 before but the only reservation was that I could envision myself simply leaving the drone at home due to the size. With the recent unveiling of the GoPro Karma and the DJI Mavic the size factor has pretty much been taken away now. But the question is which one should I get?

I was actually really intrigued with the GoPro Karma at first. I was always interested in a handheld stabilizer solution such as the DJI Osmo but it seemed kind of expensive and people were complaining that it wasn’t that great to capture sudden moments due to the setup. The GoPro Karma sounded like a great solution though where you could use the same parts for its drone. So it seemed like a fantastic all around value.

But funny enough it’s the drone itself I was most interested in and in many ways it fell below my expectations. I was hoping it would have things like a follow me mode which apparently it doesn’t. So when I watched the unveiling of the DJI Mavic today it made me think that was pretty much what a person like me wanted in a drone. It’s compact enough where I can take it anywhere and it has all the features I would want. The only thing though is that the price isn’t as appealing. If The Mavic was $799 with that controller then I think it would be a no brainer where for like a vlogging setup I would use a combo of the Mavic and GoPro Karma stick with like the Hero 5 Black.

That does beg the question for me though. Do I make a purchase based more on the versatility or the value of a purchase? You might argue by definition the GoPro Karma is more versatile in the sense of ways to use the product as a whole. But for me the size and features of the Mavic seems more practical for a person like myself to actually use on a daily basis as opposed to only in planned filming days.

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