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Really Contemplating About Buying A DJI Phantom 4

I have always been interested in the latest camera drones as I feel it’s a great way to a get a different perspective on just how much there is to see and explore out there. At the same time, a lot of these flying camera drones also give you the ability to share these experiences with others as well who may not be in the same situation as you are.

When this DJI Phantom 4 was announced it got me really interested. I was hoping to compare it with the GoPro Karma but for whatever reason that seems to be delayed until the end of the year. With the summer time usually being the best time to capture some great footage in the outdoors and all it made me wonder, should I just get the Phantom 4? The biggest obstacle is the cost of course as it looks like either way I would have to spend about $2000 if I was to buy this. There are cheaper options it seems but this one seemed to have a pretty decent flight range and auto features which peaked my interest.

I heard there were many people from Canada who simply purchased this item straight from DJI where you should still be able to save a few hundred dollars or so. But $2000 for a simply a hobby huh? Funny enough it’s not so much the dollar amount I am thinking but whether or not I would use this thing justifiably enough to make it worth it. Because at this price it’s an investment.

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