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Pokemon Go Lucky Egg Strategy For Maximum Experience Gain

So far I have tested how many Pokémon you could evolve in thirty minutes as well as how much experience you can get from evolving all these Pokémon. Depending if I had newly evolved Pokémon I was able to get over about 80,000 experience. One thing I always wanted to try though was to somehow combine the experience you get from hatching eggs along with evolving your Pokemon with the same egg.

However, I was always hesitant to use a lucky egg for egg hatches as I assumed that it would be a waste to pop the lucky egg and to waste time say trying to walk the last 0.2 KM or so to hatch it. Not only that, I never could figure out just exactly when the distance of the eggs actually updated to start the hatching to waste as little lucky egg time as possible to then start evolving Pokemon.

But not too long ago I realized that the walking distance actually still accumulates while you are say in the game’s menu screen. So in theory if I kept walking while evolving Pokemon the eggs should hatch too. As you know, I recently had 9 10km eggs to hatch. From what I read before each 10KM egg would give 1000 experience. With a lucky egg that is a lot of extra experience. So, I decided to try evolving Pokémon while walking to hatch these eggs with a lucky egg. For fun too I wanted to see if I could break the 100K experience mark in 30 minutes. As you can see too I only had 0.3 KM eft to hatch the eggs. So, I triggered the lucky egg and off I went.

I was really concerned about this test too as for my evolving spree I have been normally using a strong Wi-Fi Internet connection. In this case I had to use mobile data where there was a possibility that there would be more delays in the whole process due to a weaker connection.

Now I read in some comments that people have noticed that when it comes to hatching Pokémon people have seen it pop up in their list before they actually saw the animation. This in theory would mean I should technically be able to evolve the full set of Pokemon like normal and not worry about missing out on the lucky egg experience bonus if the animation of the hatching eggs don’t play while the timer is still active. So while evolving all the Pokemon I was hoping to see my total Pokemon number increase as my indication that the eggs hatched.

10km egg hatch 0.3 km left pokemon go

I was getting worried that the walking while evolving technique wasn’t working as I didn’t see the Pokemon total increasing. It was only 0.3 KM too. Because of that I kept walking non-stop while trying to look at the screen to continue evolving. At times I looked like that character on the loading screen that is walking right into a Gyrados.

But one way I can tell that the game still actively registers other activities while you are evolving Pokemon is that during the whole process the phone would rumble. This is because as I was walking Pokemon would pop up in the background. Of course I didn’t leave the evolving menu to check but it was good reassurance that the walking distance should be calculated.
I eventually finished evolving the Pokemon with my 30 minute lucky egg and was still unsure if the eggs actually hatched. Right when I left the menu voila. The eggs started to hatch. That was great news as it meant at least that confirms that you can hatch eggs while evolving at the same time. But did it actually count the experience for the eggs since technically the timer is over when the animation was still going? Indeed it does. As you can see, I earned over 100,000 experience.

Just some interesting examples too on how the game seems to calculate all your experience and bonuses before the animation. The first example is that when I started this test I was level 27. You may have noticed that when I exited the evolving menu I was already level 28 before the egg animations took place. So that shows again that everything is calculated right away regardless of the animation.

The second example is with this Magmar I got. This was actually a brand new Pokemon for me. But as you may notice when I got this new Pinsir which was registered as new the Magmar displayed below as if I already had it. The Magmar animation did come up later. But again, this is to show you that everything is calculated before the animation so you shouldn’t worry about wasting lucky egg time to play through these animations in order to get the bonus experience.

It was a fun getting all this experience in such a big chunk within 30 minutes. Hopefully this helps to get you a high amount of experience as well.

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