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Pokemon Go – How Many Pokemon Can You Evolve In 30 Minutes

So if you are power leveling in Pokemon Go how many Pokemon can you evolve in 30 minutes with a lucky egg to gain the most experience? I decided to test it out due to my initial tests being far different from what most people say where you can only do 60 evolutions in 30 minutes.

So in my previous test where I evolved Pokemon to gain experience you may remember that I got about 80,000 experience. This time I decided to test it out using only Pokemon which would not be registered as new while using a timer to try and get a more accurate result on how many Pokemon you could evolve in thirty minutes.

As usual, my main strategy is to add all the Pokemon that you are going to evolve as a favourite to reduce the scrolling time and to try and do it at a time and place where you will have a solid Internet connection.

pokemon go pidgey evolve technique for fast experience

In my first attempt when I used the timer I believe I had a little bit if of a mishap where I think I pressed the timer faster than the lucky egg actually trigger. Along with some minor errors too this resulted in a run where I got 74,000 experience and still had plenty of time left on the lucky egg as you can see. So this kind of gave me a reference point to work with where according to this it looked like I could evolve about 75 Pokémon max if I did everything more accurately.

pokemon go lucky egg evolves in 30 minutes

Of course, I decided to try it again once I was ready to do some evolving again. As I got towards the end the time it was getting super tight to where I thought maybe 74 was the max. However, as you can see I did get 75 evolutions which gave me 75,000 experience with the lucky egg. So from my tests, if you are planning to power level your character by evolving Pokémon with a lucky egg 75 Pokemon seems to be the max you can do. Again, the main strategy that you should consider which worked for me is to add all the Pokemon that you are going to evolve in your favourite list and make sure you have a good connection.

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