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Nintendo eShop Humble Bundle

I was getting a lot of messages about this humble bundle today where it was apparently a big deal. For those who don’t know, is essentially a site that offers digital video games where people can pay what they want and a large portion of the funds go to charity. There could be games that normally retail for over $30 as an example where you could pay as little as $1 for it. Many times people give more though and the site encourages you to do so by giving incentives such as providing more games for your money.

While it has primarily been PC games, today there was an advertised bundle that consisted of games for consoles and portables which is a first. In this case, it was games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. I have used this service for steam games before, and my assumption is it will work the same where once you make a purchase you will receive a code where instead you will redeem it on the Nintendo eShop.

I would of thought Microsoft or Sony would have been the first to have its console games on a service like this. Guess Nintendo surprised me on this one. I actually voice auditioned for that game “The Fall” on the list as the person that game was made locally here. I like seeing things like this to show how the video game industry can play just as big of a role when it comes to doing good deeds as an entertainment medium.

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