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Female Muay Thai Champion Pretends To Be Nerdy

I saw this interesting prank video of sort today where a Muay Thai champion named Germaine Yeap pretended to be a helpless nerd at a gym. As you can see in the video, she pretends to be a complete wimp and she even asks to spar the coaches at the gym.

Of course, they had no idea about her background which made everything kind of funny when she unloaded on them. I found this especially more intriguing since I see “geeks” and “nerds” all the time who happen to have an athletic or fighting background. Usually the assumption is if you are really into things like gaming and technology there is no way you can be a fighter as well.


I often entertain these thoughts for both sides of the fence if people insist in believing in stereotypes like these. It’s always fun to hear the comments and see the post reactions. I am actually surprised that people aren’t more open minded nowadays since almost every entertainment medium showcases people that have extremely diverse background and hobbies despite the way they may look and appear. I read that even a person like Ronda Rousey is a Pokémon fanatic as an example. So don’t be quick to judge.

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