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Buying Code Name S.T.E.A.M. For Five Dollars

It’s no secret that the deal games can be a very expensive hobby. I would assume that is why things such as let’s play are very popular because a lot of times there are those games that we want to play but we just can’t afford to. So instead we watch other people play it. Now I often go out looking for deals such as buying groceries or everyday essentials. But from my experience you can often find game deals at a very low price.

I thought this was a very good example today. They actually advertised this game a lot back in E3 as for me this was one of the surprise games from Nintendo. From what I gather it seemed like a strategy game such as Fire Emblem. You can even use an Amiibo with it. I didn’t think I would have time to play this game so I didn’t buy it when it launched. I usually don’t pay full price for games that I don’t intend to play right away as well. As a result I usually wait for a sale.

code name steam toys r us

So to my surprise look at the price I found this game at today. As you can see I paid a little over $5.00 for this brand new game. I price matched it at Toys R us. It was originally $5.00 at EB games but I couldn’t find any at the local stores around here. So instead I did a simple price match with very little hassle.

So video games can indeed be an expensive hobby. But if you keep an eye out for those deals you can definitely get a lot of great games at a very cheap price.

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